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Best In The World: Kentucky Fans Put A Billboard Right In Front Of The Sorry Ass NCAA Eligibility Center Reminding Them To #FreeBigZ

This right here is the sort of fight we should be celebrating. Even if you don't like Kentucky just know you're picking the side of the NCAA and therefore are the worst. You want kids to be banned from playing, go ahead and get the fuck out of my face. In case you need the backstory - Big Z is Zvonimir Ivisic, a 7-footer from Croatia who is being held hostage by the INCOMPETENCE of the NCAA. Basically they are still waiting to clear him because he had a stipend while playing in Croatia before he committed to college basketball. You know, a place where NIL is celebrated and even high school kids can make money. But, sure, penalize a kid who did that in Croatia. Oh and mind you it's been since AUGUST. We're in 2024, how the fuck does it take this long to clear a kid (while they've done the same for other players across the country).

We need more of this though. We need everyone to come together and make fun of the NCAA, because they are truly the worst. Oh and you can tell Calipari loves it. Look at that answer about it and that smirk. He, like most coaches, despises the whole NCAA process and how they drag their feet. 

This is why I love my school and my team. Sure, the guard play helps and the fact that we have arguably the best offense in the country. But also the fact that we'll take matters into our own hands. If the billboard doesn't work, I fully expect people marching around the eligibility center taking a stand. Dangerous game by the NCAA with Indianapolis not that far from Lexington. We got plenty of crazy fans that will happily do this in the cold. 

Oh and if that's not enough our leader is ready. 

Now youse can't leave.