Set The Tone: A Dog Stopped Racing To Piss All Over The Suns Court During The Halftime Show

(Go to 1:30 mark)

Some are saying this is what led the comeback for the Suns. I am one of those people. You put some puppy racing out there and you get the people going. Have a dog stop racing in order to piss all over the place and you just struck fear into the heart of the Kings. In fact this dog should be the 2nd mascot for the Suns along with the famous gorilla. I mean why the hell they have a gorilla mascot when their name are the Suns makes equally as much sense here. 

The fact of the matter is what else do you expect here? You got a dog all amped up to compete in a race, thousands of people going nuts for you. It's called piss dawgs for a reason. Somewhere PFT, Big Cat and Mark Schlereth are smiling knowing there's a small part they played in this all. 

Look at this dog's face too. Not a care in the world, knows he can't be tricked with some squeaky toys. He's there to steal the show and steal the show he did. 

Still not as good as the dog taking a shit on Louisville's court, but a valiant effort nonetheless. 

Get that dog some water and give us more puppy races. Easily the number 1 halftime show.