I Don't Think The New NCAA Football Game Actually Exists

I want to play a new NCAA football game. It’s well past time. I don’t know a single football lover who wouldn’t dive headfirst into another game. Those games were my childhood growing up. I played them religiously with my brother. The idea of getting an updated version of NCAA Football on the next-generation consoles with updated graphics and weaving through the ever-changing landscape of college football sounds so damn awesome. We’ve been waiting, and waiting, and waiting, and when we’ve been done waiting, we’ve waited some more. It seemed like yesterday, maybe we were picking up some traction. We officially had an announcement date, but then it turned out that that announcement date was bullshit. It’s been years, and I’m genuinely starting to believe this game doesn’t exist. 

Think about it. They announced yesterday that this game was supposed to be coming out in July of this year. Apparently, that’s been confirmed not to be true, but the fact that we are this far along and there has been zero game footage, zero behind-the-scenes footage, and zero real Acknowledgment of what is in the game outside of the obvious makes me think that they’re just fucking with us. It is, in many ways, the perfect marketing ploy. Get the hype to astronomical levels, and then pull the rug out from under people. Tickle my balls, and then remove your hand right before I climax.

What is so frustrating to me is I don't understand the holdup. The year will be 2033, and I will have to keep reading the same tweets about how they're just about to start filming the final season of "Stranger Things" and how a new NCAA football game is right around the corner. Does EA Sports have any interest in producing this game, or are they just going to announce that it's being done? Could you give me a trailer? Hell, I'll take a screenshot from the game. Give me some concrete evidence that this is real. 

The only thing that I can compare this to in my lifetime is the first Avengers movie. There was a period of time when nobody thought it was even feasible that a movie like that could exist. For years, Marvel kept telling us how amazing it would be. The difference is we actually got an Avengers movie, and it did live up to the hype. I'm so exhausted by the announcements right now. I need this game to be fucking revolutionary in order for her to live up to the expectations. It is the "Boyhood" of video games. We've grown up with it, or in this case, without it.