My Personal Fuck You To The Miami Dolphins

Jamie Squire. Getty Images.

Fuck my dad for making me like this team 

Fuck the Dolphins for selling me this fake dream 

Fuck the Dolphins for passing on Brees

Fuck the Dolphins this team is a disease 

Fuck the Dolphins for making me watch Cleo lemon

Fuck the Dolphins I don’t want to see them in heaven

Fuck the dolphins all they do is choke 

Fuck the dolphins I feel bad for lil smoke 

Fuck the Dolphins i know that they’re cursed 

Fuck the Dolphins that’s why my heart always hurts 

Fuck the Dolphins it’ll never get better 

Fuck the dolphins their never good under pressure

Fuck Nick Saban….Yeah, it’s just Fuck Nick Saban 

Fuck the Dolphins it’s been 24 years

Fuck the Dolphins they don’t care about our tears

Fuck the Dolphins for making me cry 

Fuck the Dolphins I still don’t know why 

I care.

I FUCKING HATE IT HERE!! Every single year all we do is choke. I sit up here and run my mouth I'm the fucking joke. Why do they always do this to us? Is one playoff win too much to ask? Now we're the number 1 team of being ass. 24 years, 0 playoff wins, why did my dad decide for us to like the fins. Being a fan of this team is hell on Earth, I'm starting to ask myself how much is it even worth. Every year I swear it'll be different, turns out I drink too much, I think I'm just belligerent.

Fuck you Dolphins, you broke my heart.