Sean Strickland Says He Told Dricus Du Plessis He Will "Stab Him" If He Brings Up Sean's Childhood Trauma Again

Welp - that's a hell of a way to start Sean Strickland vs Dricus Du Plessis fight week!

Sean Strickland says on The Man Dance Podcast that after his brawl with DDP in the crowd at UFC 296, he messaged Du Plessis to let him know that if he brings up Sean's childhood abuse/trauma again, Strickland will "fucking stab him" and go to jail for it. Sean made it clear that he respects DDP as a fighter/sounds excited to go to war with him on Saturday, but is adamant that DDP crossed a line last month, and if he crosses it again, there will be no fight (because Strickland will be behind bars). 

I know most of you watching this clip are probably like, "That guy sounds like a fuckin lunatic" - and you'd be fair in saying that, but to his credit, I don't think Sean Strickland is bluffing. He seems like a man of his word, and the kinda guy to "stand on business" 24/7....

Hell, he's such a maniac that he actually thought about BITING Du Plessis in the midst of that brawl....

….and because of that, I firmly believe we're at a higher risk of a bite in this Saturday's main event than we've been in a LOOOOONG time. I know Leon/Colby got bad, and even Chandler/Poirier had some bad blood - but Sean Strickland out-crazies all four of those guys any day of the week. If the fight isn't going his way and DDP mentions his childhood again, I think it's Tyson/Holyfield all over again.

Strickland recently spoke about his childhood on Theo Von's podcast, which made for a very emotional clip….

As crazy/funny as we made Sean Strickland out to be, he's lived a really fucked up life and it's miraculous that he's made it this far considering his upbringing.

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