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I'll tell you what, man. This week was not a bad week of football. I've written enough about the National Champion Michigan Wolverines. We can go from one positive to another. THE DETROIT LIONS HAVE WON A PLAYOFF GAME! As if that sentence wasn't crazy enough, they have earned themselves another home game with a chance to play for the NFC Championship. This magic team, who only scored three points in the second half after being seemingly unstoppable for the first half, dug deep and held on for dear life to pull off a 1 point victory against Matthew Stafford and the Los Angeles Rams. We can now officially say that the Detroit Lions have never lost a playoff game at Ford Field. I've been to a lot of sporting events in my life. I've never heard of or seen anything like Ford Field's environment on Saturday night. Thank god most of Detroit gets tomorrow off because they wouldn't have enough time to recover.

Nothing about this defense makes any sense to me. They get completely gashed by every team's WR1. They give up a ton of yards, and yet, for some reason, when it matters most, they find a way to bend but never break. Matthew Stafford was slinging it tonight. Puka couldn't be stopped. He went for over 180 yards. The Lions were thoroughly outplayed in the second half, yet they held Los Angeles to field goals when needed. Stafford was probably the best quarterback the Lions will face in the NFC playoffs. I can't say the defense made a statement, but they sure held their ground.

Tonight's game solidifies one thing. Jared Goff is the Detroit Lions quarterback. He's their quarterback today. He should be their quarterback next year and in the future. I understand there's some trepidation because Ben Johnson will likely take a head coaching job, but he has done more than enough to earn a contract. If you had told me after his first year that he would lead this team to a 13th win in the postseason, I would've thought you were crazy. That was an all-time revenge game by him tonight. I'm happy for him.

For a long time, it wasn't just the Detroit Lions who were stinking it up in the city of Detroit. There's been very little hope with some of the sports teams in the city. We've been waiting for the one. This team is the one. As those final moments came and went at Ford Field, I saw grown men with tears in their eyes. A lot of people have waited their whole lives for this. I can't think of a fanbase more deserving of this than Detroit fans. Embrace it for now because, guess what? We get to do it again next week.