Love Seeing The Lions Twitter Account Immediately Call Out The NFL's Pathetic Refs After They Fucked Detroit Over (Again)

Yeah, this is how you do it. This isn't a fan account, this isn't me or you bitching and moaning. This is the team Twitter account putting in the entire clip that everyone on social media is talking about. This being called a false start

NFL refs are incredibly dogshit at their job. That's something that we all agree on. But man they really have a hard on to wage war against the Lions offensive linemen. We know what happened with the ineligible receiver call: 

Oh not to mention the spot of this call. Late in the 1st half, would be 1st down at the Rams 30 and a chance for the Lions to go up 11. I'm sure that won't matter, especially since the Rams get the ball to start the half. This is where we need someone, anyone with a functioning brain and common sense to be offsite and call in to reverse shitty calls. Why can't we have that? Why do we have to watch so many pathetic refs with these flags. Let some 3rd party who has access to the views, call in and be like nah you fucked up. How about we get it right? I'm not talking about replay, but an immediate change. 

This game fucking rules so far, now keep the stripes away from it. They are the only ones who can ruin it. And if they do, you better be ready for the Lions social media team and Dan Campbell to come at your kneecaps.