Jim Miller Just Gets Better With Age - Wants Brock Lesnar At UFC 300

After Phil Hawes unfortunately got knocked out earlier tonight, New Jersey needed this.

Jim Miller CONTINUES to age like a fine wine, as the 40 year old just earned his 26th win in a record 43 UFC fights. This is also Miller's 4th finish in his last five fights - and Gabriel Benítez was a VERY game opponent tonight. Both guys put their toughness (and leg kicks) on display and made for a pretty great co-main event. Jim Miller then made some amazing callouts for UFC 300.

For anyone unaware, Jim Miller fought at both UFC 100 and UFC 200, and he has made it his goal to be the only person to fight on UFC 100, 200, AND 300. Dana White loves Jim Miller (who doesn't?) and loves the idea of him doing that, so he's bascially guaranteed him a spot on the card.

Miller's first callout was a guy sitting right at the commentary desk tonight - Paul Felder!

Felder re-entered the USADA drug testing pool last year, intriguing MMA fans everywhere, and has been heavily rumored as a potential UFC 300 opponent for Miller for months. It seems like the perfect "legend vs legend" fight for that historic card. Two true fan favorites, who both fight a really exciting style.

Miller's next callout was another legend, Matt Brown - who has the second most knockouts in UFC history. He'd have to move up to 170lbs for that one, but said he would love the opportunity. Again, like with Felder - you know you'd get fireworks and pure violence with Matt Brown.

Finally, Miller called out someone else who fought at UFC 100 and UFC 200 - BRRRRROCK LESNAR!!!

If you're not an MMA Twitter guy, that might've confused the fuck out of you, but it was a joke based on Anthony Smith claiming that'd be a 50/50 fight with Bisping on their podcast….

For context, for any non-MMA fans still here: Brock Lesnar cuts weight to reach the UFC Heavyweight limit of 265lbs, while Jim Miller fights at 155lbs. 

Jim Miller even responded to the hypothetical during media day, and swore that as a fighter, he has the mentality that he could beat Brock Lesnar, and if you're a fighter - you should have that mentality….

I think that clip encapsulates a lot of what people love about Jim Miller. He admits it'd be scary as hell but that he'd absolutely take that fight if possible - and I believe him! 

Seriously, though, if Felder is down, that's the fight to make for UFC 300….

P.S. Look at what Miller did to Benítez's leg in this fight….

Chris Unger. Getty Images.

I'd never walk again.