CJ Stroud Set A Rookie Playoff Record With 236 Yards And 3 Touchdowns At Halftime As The Browns Can't Stop A Nosebleed Let Alone The Texans

What the fuck is going on right now.....? Two seconds ago the Browns were up 7-3 and I was feeling good about not only the game but the 2.5 points we were giving the Texans, and then I blinked and they scored a million times. I mean, the Browns are supposed to have the best defense in the NFL, and through two quarters of football they've given up not 1....

Not 2....

But 3 passing touchdowns to the Texans.

Of course that's a rookie playoff record for Passing TD in a half. And of course CJ Stroud finally shows up in a big game….when he's playing a team from Ohio. But what's even worse is they haven't had to work AT ALL for these drive. All 3 of them were over 70 yards, and combined, they all took a grand total of…..13 plays. I wouldn't have bet this outcome to happen in a million years. The question must be asked: do you think Jim Schwartz is letting them score on purpose? I would've thought his best path to get back into head coaching was to put on an incredible performance in front of the entire country, but it appears he's trying to get Kevin Stefanski run out of town or something. 24 points in a half??? Are we about to give up a 50 burger?

Thank God we have Joe Flacco right now. I mean, the man is 15 for 19 for 172 yards and a score in the 1st half. If you told me that, paired with Kareem Hunt having two touchdowns, I'd have taken that 100 times out of 100. But we're in deep shit!!! Texans ball to start the 2nd half and it's about to be 31-14 if this trend continues. 

We need a stop on this drive or I'm going to start making plans for next weekend. I love Joe and all, but we aren't winning this football game 51-48. The Browns defense needs to show up to play this half, especially this drive. We NEED a three-and-out. The only problem is, it's tough to not give up a 1st down when the other team is averaging a first down…..every single play.

What a joke. 

PS - Having the refs against us does not help either