Legend From Alabama Threatens To Douse Himself In Gasoline And Set Himself On Fire If Alabama Hires Dabo Swinney

According to www.mamanatural.com, Legend is a powerful name for any boy who is expected to make a name for himself. Well look at your boy now ma. He did it. He's a frequent caller on The Paul Finebaum Show of the SEC Network. In Alabama that's more prestigious than doctor.

It seems as if Legend, along with the rest of the Crimson Tide faithful are vehemently against the idea of Dabo Swinney becoming their next head coach. I can't say I blame them. It's not that he isn't one of the greatest coaches in modern football. That's undeniable. Although I will say, if Dabo Swinney isn't willing to sacrifice his relationship with Christ, and refuses to embrace the transfer portal like the rest of the Godless heathens across college football, then maybe you don't want him coaching your team. But regardless of his coaching credentials, boy is Dabo Swinney unlikable.

I consider lighting myself on fire every time I see that video.

Dabo Swinney is head and shoulders above every other coach when it comes to how much I like to cheer against him. This past season was spectacular for Dabo haters like myself. In particular, I thoroughly enjoyed watching Dabo lose to NC State 24-17 on the CW Network. Nothing against the CW Network. They hosted an INCREDIBLE bowl game in Arizona this year. But something about Clemson being relegated to The CW, then proceeding to get manhandled by the NC State Wolfpack was especially satisfying.

I think most people agree with that sentiment. Everything Dabo does is about himself. He thinks he's better than everyone. He looks like an idiot when he runs. 

Nobody wants to be forced to cheer for that guy. I mean.. you obviously would if he's gonna go 15-0. Alabama would hire Ghislaine Maxwell if she was going to bring them a National Championship. But if you have your pick of the entire college football landscape, like Alabama nearly does, you don't want to choose that guy. 

Be careful out there Legend. I don't think Dabo is going to end up at Alabama, but you can't be on the internet making promises you won't deliver on. Let's make sure we hold him to this guys. We can't just let people make ridiculous promises for dramatic effect then flake out when it comes time to pay the piper. That's bad form. However, based on the YouTube clips I've seen of Legend form Alabama, he strikes me as a man of his word. He also strikes me as a man who would genuinely rather be on fire than have anything he perceives as negative happen to the Alabama Crimson Tide football team.