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Saltburn Star Barry Keoghan Is Tired Of Being A Cast as a "Freak Child" So He Has Declared: "Now I’m just Man. Freak-Man. Man-Freak.”


First things first- if you haven't seen Saltburn yet, do it now. Or this weekend, as you probably have to finish the TPS reports and the V-Lookups to appease the shareholders. And don't you dare get off your phone during lunch, you have to reply to that client email or they'll email you 6 more times before EOD. And then when you get home, make sure to log back into your laptop "to take care of some stuff for tomorrow". And send a few more emails before you get into bed and get a full 6 hours of sleep before starting it all over again tomorrow. But this weekend, ignore that ding dong Dante and watch Saltburn. The Don saying NOT to watch Saltburn is the worst opinion I've ever seen. The movie ROCKS. I'm not going to give anything away because you should go into it with a blank canvas. I knew NOTHING about it other than it stars Barry Keoghan. That was the beginning and the end of my knowledge. 

So anyway, Barry Keoghan. He has been the weirdo kid in everything, most notably to me stealing the show in Banshees of Inisherin. 



And again, no spoilers, but he's a freak again in Saltburn, and steals the show in Saltburn. But since now he's scared of being typecasted as the weirdo freak child, he has declared he is NOT the weirdo freak child but he IS a freak MAN. A man freak.



Hey, that works for me. Let Barry Keoghan call himself whatever he damn well pleases because if that weirdo is in a movie, I'm watching it. Banshees was the appetizer and Saltburn was the steak and potatoes. He has solidified himself as a Hollywood star, a box office draw, an actor whose movies you MUST see. So hey, if he wants to be a man freak instead of a child freak, I'm all about it. Shit, cast him as a grandfather freak, dress him up as a horse and make him an animal freak, who cares. Just keep casting that freak in movies. 


PS: I know next to nothing about Barry Keoghan the person. He could be as normal as the day is long, or he could be a real life weirdo who perfectly plays weirdos in movies. I think I will actively avoid all interviews with him that way I will never know what he's actually like in real life.


PS: You can tell he wants to be known as a hot dude in Hollywood, and I think he pulled that off perfectly here.