A Twitter Fight Between Two OnlyFans Creators About Being A Bandwagon Soccer Fan Is Dangerously Close To Becoming A Boxing Match

You think it's all glory and fame when you're an OnlyFans creator? Just because you get to talk to Glenny Balls and hang out with the happiest fella in the land? Not so fast my friends. We have a good old fashioned Twitter fight between two OnlyFans creators. Now you may be thinking, oh this could be about stealing a guy or stealing money or something along those lines.

You'd be wrong. This is as old fashioned as it gets. We're screaming about being bandwagon fans. It starts with Arsenal fan Arabella Mia

Ugh, hate bandwagon fans. Trust me, we all deal with it. I mean do you know how brutal it is to be a Kentucky basketball fan? Arsenal fans can't even relate to this. We have expectations to win a one-and-done tournament every single year and if we don't we get made fun of. Rather unfair if you ask me. Then we have everyone from Drake to a guy in Corbin who wants to hop on the bandwagon when Rob Dillingham and Reed Sheppard are drilling 30-footers. But Arabella took her shot here. She's sick and tired of fans popping up when their team is suddenly doing well.

Who could she be talking about? Well fellow OnlyFans creator Alexia Grace who is a Aston Villa fan decided it was her. 

Backstabbing a friend! That's the good stuff. I mean, hey, Aston Villa is off to a ridiculous start. They are second in the Premier League, something nobody could have saw coming halfway through the season. But here we are. It's the beauty in sports, weird shit happens. 

Arabella responds with a classic, look at what you did type

Apparently that crossed a line because Alexia went for the jugular 

We're bringing in views! That's when you know it's serious. Hey, I get it. We're in the pageview business here. It's all about getting as many eyes as possible on your work. For some of us it's OnlyFans, for others it's blogging about OnlyFans fights. Now this is a dangerous game by Arabella because Alexia is also a boxer

I say that because Arabella is toeing a dangerous, dangerous line: 

We got KO talk. There's only one solution here. Send out that bat signal to our man to set up the fight. I'm talking about Large. That man was made to set up this fight at Rough n Rowdy. We need a British OnlyFans Rough n Rowdy all because of being a bandwagon fan.  

I've come to learn that you can't stop bandwagon fans. They are everywhere and it's all part of sports. The only way you can stop them is simply a Twitter fight leading to a boxing match. Loser leaves town. No more posing with your club's shirt or body paint or anything else.