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Jay Cutler Has Weighed In On The Justin Fields Debate "The Offensive Game Plans Have Been Pretty Bad"

I didn't think we'd get Jay Cutler weighing in on the Bears QB situation in week 1 of what is going to be a 4 month blood bath debate in Chicago. Glad to hear my QB leading the charge. A pretty direct shot at Luke Getsy by Cutler here. I don't know if there is a QB "code", but it feels like every former QB seems to be in Justin Fields corner and is ready to throw the offensive coaching staff under the nearest bus. Chase Daniel is also in the keep Fields camp. I've decided that I really don't know anything and it will come down to what the package for the #1 pick looks like. 

The Bears need to decide on the Head Coach immediately so the organization can move forward. I think for the first time maybe ever the Bears are an extremely attractive job. A solid foundation on defense. Some nice pieces on offense. Two top 10 picks. And...a QB who is at minimum a capable starter. With Vrabel and theoretically Harbaugh available you have to take a big swing, write a big check, and get a coach in there who can take this organization to the next level. It's time to aim upwards. No more penny pinching. No more shortcuts. This is a unique chance to change the trajectory of the franchise. It can NOT be business as usual by the Bears. Get a winner and true leader as your head coach and then go do something like this if you're keeping Fields