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Kaitlyn Dever Has Officially Been Cast As Abby In 'The Last of Us' Season 2

The No One Will Save You and Last Man Standing star has been cast in the role of Abby, a pivotal character in the Playstation game upon which the post-apocalyptic drama series is based.

Dever has had a previous connection with the show, as the game’s fans lobbied for years for her to get the starring role of Ellie (which went to Bella Ramsay) given Dever’s striking resemblance to the Ellie character in the game. The 27-year-old even reportedly auditioned for the role, but producers wanted a younger actor for the part (Ramsay is 20).

This is bad news and I'll reiterate why. 

To start, this is a perfect casting if this was a perfect world. Dever is a fantastic actress who facially resembles the character. So, what's not to love? 

Without spoiling anything, the character of Abby might be the most hated in video game history. So much so that the hatred for her partially derailed the sequel to one of the best video games ever made. So, in taking this role, she has now basically put herself directly in the path of meteoric hatred. The type that makes people remove all social media. The type that makes someone retire from their profession and live as a hermit in the badlands of South Dakota. The type that I would never wish on any actor that I like. 

Well, nothing we can do now. look forward to seeing plenty of videos of Dever at the gym because she is gonna need to do 3-a-day sessions if she hopes to bulk up to Abby's level.