Mark Hamill And Natalie Portman (Luke Skywalker And His Mom Padme) Somehow Just Met For The First Time Last Night At The Golden Globes

Luke Skywalker finally meets his mother, after all these years. Thank the maker it went better than his meeting with his father.

I can't even take credit for that one, considering 1000+ people have already tweeted the same joke in response to this photo.

Seriously, though - how cool is this? Somehow Mark Hamill and Natalie Portman have never met over the years, despite both playing massive roles in the Star Wars saga (mother and son, in fact) and last night's Golden Globes afforded them that opportunity.

This is basically like when Hayley Williams met B.o.B. for the first time, months after 'Airplanes' became a smash hit on the radio….

Jason LaVeris. Getty Images.

Still a banger.

It's hard to imagine Hamill and Portman never shared a red carpet together over the years, or even attended the same premiere or Star Wars cast event, but Mark Hamill has actually been bringing this up on Twitter for years….

Just to put this into perspective: Natalie Portman was only 16 years old when 'The Phantom Menace' began filming in 1997, where she played Padme Amidala (the woman who would eventually become Luke/Leia's mother) and it took TWENTY SEVEN YEARS for her to meet Luke himself. Thankfully she met Leia, Ms Carrie Fisher, before she passed….

….and as you can see above, Mark Hamill has also met Hayden Christensen - making the cycle complete!

I wonder who the next unlikely wholesome celeb pair like this will be from awards season. 

Last year it was definitely Harrison Ford and Ke Huy Quan, though that wasn't a first time meeting, obviously. It was a reunion….

Maybe Christopher Nolan and Hans Zimmer will bury their beef and get back together after 'Oppenheimer' wins Best Picture. 

Imagine it now: Nolan lifts Zimmer up on one shoulder like Macho Man and Miss Elizabeth at WrestleMania VII after giving an impassioned victory speech….