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I Don't Think Kylie Jenner and Timothee Chalamet Are A "PR Relationship"...But They Do Kiss Kind Of Weird

I think this is cute! It is a very sweet, intimate moment. People somehow still think that they are a PR couple but I think this confirms otherwise. Is this a weird way to kiss? Maybe! But I also can see the argument of the fact that it is just some nice pecks on the lips. They are mid conversation and obviously they want to kiss! I mean look at the way that Timmy is looking at Kylie. You can tell he is just so entranced by what she is saying. And he can't help himself! He has to give his girl a kiss mid-convo but he doesn't want to interrupt her too much! If anything, Timmy is being a gentleman. 

I have definitely seen celebrity couples kiss weirder. At least they aren't like fucking MGK and Megan Fox and licking each others faces on the red carpet. I appreciate the subtle intimacy and I think it's cute. At this point, neither of them need to be in a PR relationship so I am so sick of that narrative. Any time there is a new celebrity couple, people automatically go to the PR relationship option. How many times does that ACTUALLY happen in Hollywood? I am curious. Either way, they are famous enough on their own and if anything this is not beneficial to Timmy. Every girl in the world wants Timothee Chalamet to be single! So I don't think a PR relationship would make sense. I like this couple and I wish them the best!