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The Eagles Season Is Officially Over After AJ Brown Goes Down On Dog Shit MetLife Stadium Turf

Aaaaand that's that. 

The Eagles season was already over because this defense is incompetent and Matt Patricia is somehow a bigger dumbass than Sean Desai. But do you want to know who the biggest dumbass of them all is?

Nick Sirianni. 

There was ZERO reason to have the Eagles starters playing this game. They were playing for either a 2nd or 5th seed. No home field advantage on the line. The Cowboys are obviously going to handle the Commies so there's no division title on the line. There was no need to play the starters in this game, ESPECIALLY considering the entire world knows what a fucking disaster the turf at MetLife is. 

Seriously. We need to send whoever operates MetLife Stadium to prison. It's a matter of national security at this point. We should be able to sue the tits off of whoever runs that godforsaken stadium. How the NFL hasn't banned the Giants and Jets from hosting home games on their literal dog shit turf is beyond me. 

Nick Sirianni is a dumbass for playing the starters today. This entire Eagles team ought to be ashamed of themselves for being so awful the past 5 weeks that they even gave him the ability to keep the starters in. And everybody involved with the construction, operation, and upkeep with MetLife Stadium needs to be sent to Guantanamo. RIP the 2023 Philadelphia Eagles. Shit is over.