Jameis Winston Went Rogue and Ran a Play for Jamaal Williams to Score a Touchdown Out of Victory Formation Against Dennis Allen's Orders

I just blogged this story when it seemed like Arthur Smith being a whiny bitch was the main headline, but it turns out it's so much funnier than that. Jameis Winston directly went against his head coach's orders and ran a fake knee handoff to get Jamaal Williams a touchdown up 24 points in the final seconds. What a guy.

There is no quarterback in the League who could have done this and had it be any more hilarious than Jameis. I don't know that there's another quarterback who would have done this at all, actually.

I'm sure there are some people in both locker rooms of the Superdome that are quite upset with Winston right now, but I don't see how you can't love this guy. He does the most Jameis thing possible at every turn and it's always hilarious. I just wish he didn't apologize to Allen and would have told him something to the effect of, "That's how Jaboo rolls, Coach."

I don't know if this cracks the Mt. Rushmore of Jameis moments, but it has to be in the running. I hope he never retires.