We Have A Bizzaro World Frank The Tank In Tennessee Today

They say imitation is the biggest form of flattery, but it's a fine line when it looks like straight up identity theft. Seems like that's what we have today in Tennessee as there is only what I can assume as a straight up imposter posing as Frank The Tank. And of course they do it on a day, and on a weekend when Frank is at his highest of all highs. 

Friday was Walk 100 with Frank captivating the streets of NYC like a modern day Rocky Balboa. 

Then today, one of the biggest Lieutenants in the Tank's Army, JJ Watt joined Frank for walk 102.  

We joke all the time if there are other "Franks" out there in terms of fans who are as electric, and live and die with each swing, snap or shot of their teams. Often we say there are fans who are close, but no one can replicate The Tank. The songs, the antics, the anger. This guy in Tennessee sure looks the part but until I see a "Mudderfucking off sides" and a bite of the glasses, I'll call this guy an imposter. What a world if he really was as tuned up as Frank was…. could the world handle that ? 

Final thoughts … when I first saw this I really was taken back at just how much he looked like Frank, right down to the mannerisms. 

Final final thoughts … we'll be streaming the Dolphins Bills tonight … winner takes the division. Can't wait for that one.