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Lil Nas X Responded to Dave Chappelle’s Jokes About Him, And Is Now Claiming He’s Been “Blackballed By The Industry” Because He’s Turned To God, And He Plans To Expose Our Favorite Artists and Celebrities Next Week

Dimitrios Kambouris. Getty Images.

By now, if you haven’t watched Chappelle’s latest Netflix special, “Dreamer”, you’re missing out. Pat did a great job covering it.

It’s not “Killing Them Softly” by any means, but Chappelle never misses. His 2nd or 3rd pitch is still better than 99% of everybody else’s fastball. 

One of Chappelle’s better jokes from the special, comes after a stage exit he does for the cameras, where he comes back out to a fake/staged encore and sets up a really great, long winded namesake joke about “dreaming” big. 

Enter Lil Nas X:

For those of you wondering what in the fuck he’s talking about, and who “Lil Nas X” is, here you are. Watch at your own discretion.

Wild shit. 

Put Sam Smith’s satan worship/illuminati performance at the Grammy’s to real shame. 

To really punctuate things and the whole satanic thing, Lil Nas was even able to collab with a design company called MSCHF to release his own limited edition Nike sneaker. Which he did, selling 666 limited pairs out in under 60 seconds. They were an altered version of the famous Air Max 97 model, complete with human blood in the air pocket and a pentagram on the laces. Real edgy yet classy at the same time. Like Lil Nas X always does. 

If you didn’t already think Lil Nas was a cool dude, you definitely will, and will remember him from his smash hit that put him on the map, “Old Town Road”. Little old urban-country, gay rapper took the momentum from that and went full send into the shock and awe angle doing everything and anything to offend and rattle middle America. 

Back to the Chappelle special. Nas X saw the special, and responded a couple days ago on twitter.

I’ve avoided this clown as much as possible because he seems like the epitome of an “artist” from a “look at me” generation, who will do literally anything to get people talking about them. 

It was hard to do when he had one of the biggest songs of the year (and in clubs and the radio) with Jack Harlow a couple years ago-

So color me stunned to see what a friend sent me this morning from Lil Nas’ TikTok. 

His twitter is also filled with religious imagery and such

And yes, he’s dropping a new song he claims is “Gospel Music” next week, but he’s also claiming he’s going to “expose the industry” for blackballing him the past year and a half.

So don’t know what to make of this whole thing. On the one hand, especially after this is coming right on the heels of the Dave Chapelle stand up where he went in pretty hard on Lil Nas X, and the Katt Williams stuff he aired out on Shannon Sharpe’s show, this kind of “exposing the evil” thing is definitely hot in the streets right now. And I don’t know if this is all just coincidental timing, or if this is just a troll job of all troll jobs.

I would not put it past little Nas X whatsoever to drop some thing completely insane that makes his last insane video, “Call me by my name” look like Sesame Street.

 I’ve also read that he and Kesha, who herself has been through literal hell over the past two years, recently collaborated on the song called “Jesus” and that they are in fact going the Christian music genre route, so I don’t know what the fuck to believe. Guess we’ll just wait and see.