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LeBron James Did An Excellent Job Combing His Hair Here. Find A New Slant

A lot of folks have been "clowning" LeBron James for brushing the everliving shit out of his very little hair after the Lakers' game against New Orleans the other night. That man isn't bald, but he sure as shit doesn't have enough hair on his scalp to worry about anything getting tangled up. 

With that being don't get to be where LeBron James is in life without believing in yourself. You have to have a dream, and you have to believe in that dream. One day LeBron James decided he was going to be the best basketball player on the planet, he believed in it, and then he achieved it.

So maybe LeBron James also believes he has a full, luscious head of hair. Perhaps he has a dream of one day having these magnificent, cascading waves of hair flowing through the air as he dribbles down the court. If that's his dream, and if he believes in it? Well then he's brushing that impeccable head of hair on demon mode. Just because the rest of us may not see LeBron's vision of his immaculate head of lettuce doesn't mean that it's not his reality. And in his reality, he's gotta comb through that mane for hours on end to keep it as pristine as possible. 

Also, I bet it just feels great. Once you get past the initial scratching sensation, it probably feels like one of those head massagers. Those things rip. I haven't seen one in a while but I feel like there was a time not too long ago where every household in America had one.