The PGA Tour, Tom Brady, Regular Working People - The Best Reactions As America Came Together To Watch A Man Become LegenJerry

We saw what happened. I'm still in disbelief that it happened when it did. Morale was low, blisters were happening, shoulders were sore. But when you have a bully heart you battle through it all. That said, this is a celebratory blog. I can't recall the last time I've seen an entire timeline from regular joes to the most famous athletes in the world come together to watch a man battle a machine. Everyone was on one side. It was us vs a machine. It was about a man becoming LegenJerry. It all started with Tom Brady

We have pro golfers prepping for the Sentry Open who are more locked in on Jerry. They took the time with Tommy Fleetwood nailing it. 

It wasn't even just the PGA Tour. The entire golf world took notice

The Vegas Golden Knights know that Jerry is hockey tough

Turtle from Entourage aka Jerry Ferrera aka a diehard Knicks fan aka that one cameo he had in King of Queens had to break it down to his wife and put the love of golf perfectly 

We had the common man somehow getting their reactions recorded. Love to see it. 

Shout out the dogs for keeping their cool. 

Hell, even Jerry's soon to be best friend had something to say: 

His brother who owns a soccer team even took time out of his day

NASCAR's Denny Hamlin had one of the best views. Look at that setup! 

A moment we'll never forget. 37 hours we hunkered down together and watched a man battle the elements. A man battle a machine who was out to get him. He even switched it up in his speech for everyone