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David Chase Says That The Sopranos Projects Are Officially Over

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TV Insider: Do you have any more Sopranos projects percolating after the 2021 movie prequel, The Many Saints of Newark? 

David Chase: No. The prequel was it.

So there we have it. The greatest art form of all time (better than any other TV show, any movie, any song, any painting) has no more stories to tell.

Personally, I wish it had ended with its brilliant finale back on June 10, 2007. That we can still have valid arguments about what happened in that final scene over 15 years proves how perfect it really was. The greatest tv finale is probably Six Feet Under's last episode. But as tremendous as that was, it never led to hours and hours of me reading about it and talking about it. 

I didn't like The Many Saints Of Newark when it came out and I think I may hate it now. It's like Godfather III in that it ruins what was perfect. I like to pretend both movies never existed. I know some Sopranos fans said that Many Saints was like a weaker Sopranos episode but I strongly disagree. It's so much worse than even the worst Sopranos episode ever (A Hit Is A Hit). Give me an entire season about Massive and Visiting Day over having to sit through Many Saints again.

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Any for more Sopranos content that fans would really appreciate ended when James Gandolfini died in 2013. But even then, this isn't a John Lennon/Beatles situation. I do very much believe that had Lennon not been shot, The Beatles would have gotten back together. Paul McCartney and Lennon seemed to be in a better spot and you saw how much money these old bands get for getting back together in the 80's and 90's.

But with the way the final season went down in The Sopranos, David Chase seemed to never wanting to have that potential conversation to occur. That was a true final season with terrible things happening to so many of the characters we spent those seven seasons with. That doesn't really explain why The Many Saints Of Newark existed in the first place. I'm guessing David Chase was frustrated after his movie Not Fade Away didn't have the impact he had hoped. 

Regardless, Chase seemed to have learned from the mistake of Many Saints. There was talk right after that was released that we could see a prequel universe with HBO spinoff series. Luckily, that won't happen. The first instinct might be to miss the idea of more Sopranos stories but the great thing about the show is that the episodes and characters are so deep that you pick new things with each rewatch.

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