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A Tale As Old As Time - LeBron Ran Away And Hid While His Teammates Complained About The Lakers Being In A 'Shitty Place'

A lot of moving parts here but pretty simple. The Lakers suck and they are in a shitty place - their words, not mine. Then you have their leader, their savior, the one who is supposed to be the face of the franchise bolting early so he doesn't have to answer questions. Things really make you say hmm, but can we be surprised? LeBron is known for leaving early and refusing to be held accountable. I mean it was a guarantee that LeBron would pull a move like this. I'm sure he'll come back with some fake inspirational quote or some shitty work out Instagram story, but this is who LeBron is. 

Good news though Lakers fans. You'll always have that sick In-Season Tournament banner. They can't take that from you! 

Highlight of the year baby! 

We can just rinse and repeat LeBron's career with this shit though. A team struggles, he either forces people to get traded, there just so happens to always be a leak about the coach and then he plays dumb. Every single time something like this happens it's the same old story. This is no different. Oh all of a sudden there's a disconnect with Darvin Ham? Hmm, that sounds familiar. 

Battle through adversity one time for me. Sit there and answer questions one time for me. Don't leave your teammates, even if that's all you know what to do. Sad and pathetic all at once.