Gardner Minshew Should Have A Job For Life As A Locker Room Vibes Guy After Listening To Him Break Down Maxx Crosby Call Him 'A Little Ass Boy'

I know the Raiders lost, but let's not act like it was Maxx Crosby's fault. He had Gardner Minshew out here wondering why he keeps calling him little ass boy and concerned about how angry Crosby is. If I'm a Raiders fan, I love that. I want opposing quarterbacks to be spending the time on the sidelines discussing insults instead of plays. Not to mention it's just hilarious to only refer to someone as little ass boy. It's high up the insult rankings when you start thinking outside the box. 

Crosby should be doing this every game, but mixing it up obviously. Can't call every quarterback the same insult. Throw in jabroni for a game. Go with basically any insult from It's Always Sunny, it plays. Hell, call a quarterback a bird the entire game and watch them get real confused. Feel like you could use that one on Justin Herbert or Easton Stick. 

That said listening to Gardner Minshew break it all down is laugh out loud funny. It made me realize I could listen to Minshew narrate almost anything. I want him doing an audio book of insults and how he feels about it. You can see the wheels spinning when he fires back with a I'm not little all the time! That's the sort of guy you need in your group of friends. It's also why Minshew should be in the league for a decade because he's for sure a vibes guy. 

Job well done all around and this is why we should always have mic'd up things. We don't need the guys who just say let's go or come on. I want this. We need this. It's the sort of clip that let's us see what's really going on.