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Salt Bae Has Done Irreparable Damage To Our Society, And This "Super Rare" Fella Has To Be The Last Straw

You know what? I've seen plenty of folks on the interwebs dunking on this kid (man?). And for good reason. He's just mashing up food, playing drums with his utensils, and is torturing his starving patrons by airplaning their food and bashing them over the head with a forced catchphrase. This kid (man?) stinks, no doubt about it. 

But you want to know who sucks even harder? All the idiots who chose to go to that restaurant to eat. The ones who knew what they were in for, showed up strictly to film this nonsense, and thus enable more behavior like this. The "Super Rare" guy is brutal, but he would never exist if it weren't for the god awful people who decided to pay actual money to have somebody play with their food before serving it to them. 

But that's what Salt Bae has done to society. 

That sexy son of a bitch has cultivated an entire market of jabronis who would rather have an Instagram story than an actual meal when going out to eat. They'd rather sit through 60 seconds of pure torture while some dickbag toys around with your food than actually eat the thing, all in hopes to have a video go viral. I don't know what all of these people were doing before going out to restaurants like this, but the world was a better place when they all stayed home. But thanks to Salt Bae, this is what hospitality looks like from now on until we finally revolt against it. 

The only people who can pull off making a spectacle out of presenting food in front of you without being loaded with an unbearable amount of cringe are the chefs at your local Hibachi, and the waiter who brings out your steaming plate of fajitas at Chili's. Other than that, all these other clowns need to go away for good.