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Welcome To Another Day In The World Where Connor McDavid Is Comically Better Than Everybody At Playing Hockey

Icon Sportswire. Getty Images.

I think it's finally starting to feel like Connor McDavid has been in the league for a while. Bedard getting drafted was the first moment where it's truly felt like a new generation has come into the league post-McDavid. A generation of players who grew up wanting to be McDavid, and not just competing against him. So he's no longer one of the "young guys" in the league anymore. 

With that being said…it sure as shit doesn't feel like he's been in the league long enough yet to rack up 900 career points. Even for a ridiculously good player, you'd expect that to take at least a decade. But Connor McDavid isn't a ridiculously good player. He's one of the sickest bastards to ever put on a pair of skates, and now only 4 players ever have put up 900 points in fewer games. 

The Oilers beat the Flyers 5-2 last night. McDavid had a goal and 4 primary assists to get himself to 903 career points in just 602 career games. He's the 5th fastest player all time to get to 900 points, and the fastest to do it since he's been alive. 

I don't know what's more jarring--the fact that McDavid has damn near 200 more points than anybody not on his team since he's come into the league, or Panarin's skull. Probably Panarin going full skinhead, but the McDavid thing is pretty wild, too. And if you want to keep the wild meter at it's max, here's a quick list of few names McDavid already has more career points than. 

It's tough to predict the future but you have to imagine he's going to have a longer career than Mario. He's scoring at a higher clip that Jaromir Jagr. 900 points by the age of 26 gives him a pretty damn good chance to be the first player to hit 2000 points since Gretzky. Especially when you're dishing out assists like this. 

It's sickening. I know the Flyers aren't necessarily the greatest hockey team in the world, but he has 3 guys who could all sneeze on him in this corner and he still manages to turn this into a layup for Hyman. 

Sick bastard. 

All I'll say is that it's an honor and privilege for the Flyers to have Connor McDavid make history against them. I know they're overachieving a bit this year, but the Stanley Cup still isn't anywhere on their radar. So if they're not going to win a Cup, at least you get to be a part of hockey history another way.