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The One Time In History A Cat Does Something Right: It Saved The Family Dog From Being Eaten By Two Coyotes

KFOR A dog is alive and wagging her tail, thanks to the family cat who scared off two attacking coyotes. While the family’s two other big dogs were outside but out of camera view, Dyer said they let the 6-year-old Havanese dog outside to go to the bathroom. It was inspiring to see just our little outdoor cat just jump at two coyotes that were attacking this little dog who she loves and run them off.”

"Oakley is a white dog, while Binx is a black cat. They’re polar opposites, but they’re family."

Holy shit! This Dom Toretto / Fast & Furious esque quote is about to be the poster tagline to the greatest animated movie ever. Bitter rivals band together, turning a potentially horrible story into a heart-warming tale of heroism. 

Poor little Oakley the dog, simply trying to throw down some brown in the backyard, and got caught in the most vulnerable position a dog can find themselves in ... 

As an adult human with indoor plumbing, I'm still terrified of getting got with my pants down. I'm not worried about getting run up on by some rabid coyotes, but I have the completely rational fear of some sort of creature coming through the plumbing and getting me in my stink-wrinkle. When I was a kid I was always worried about a spider or a snake coming through the pipes, which seemed more than plausible thanks to the internet pumping out nightmare fuel videos of that exact scenario ... 

I realize these viral videos are probably all isolated to Australia where everything is constantly attempting to kill you, but after moving to nyc my new fear is pressing my cheeks down on the lid and having a rat in the pipes realize his only way out now is gnawing through my poop chute like the scene in 2 Fast 2 Furious (that's two references to the series.) 

Fortunately for me, nothing lurking in the toilet has violated the sanctity of my b-hole, and luckily for Oakley, cats are always watching. Rarely seen, always lurking, ready to do the devil's bidding. Dog's are supposed to be pack animals, but the family's two big dogs were nowhere to be found in Oakley's time of need, off pissin' in the side yard. Thank god for Binx the cat. 

Oakley is doing fine, but he will have to get fitted for one of these outrageous coyote vests. While a ridiculous look, these are kinda punk rock. You can take one look at this dog in the vest and tell he wants to change the lyrics to Green Day's American Idiot