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The Knicks Finally Trade For OG Anunoby By Giving Up Immanuel Quickley And RJ Barrett

Nothing like a Woj bomb dropping on a peaceful December Saturday afternoon and taking out gigantic chunks from millions of Knicks fans hearts. Let's send it to Immanuel Quickley for his take on everything:

Same, IQ. Same.

I've long said that RJ Barrett was the perfect combination of a player I could convince myself may one day be a star because his pedigree, his age (RJ was 20 years old for no less than 3 years), and actually wanted to be a Knick since Day 1 even though he arrived back when MSG was still an absolute shitshow. Not only that, but RJ was also the perfect level of player that I wouldn't be upset that the Knicks traded because he could be so frustrating. 

But now I just see RJ and his contract as the reason Immanuel Quickley is no longer a Knick, even though IQ's contract demands were the main reason he was moved along with Leon having a huuuuuuge boner for OG for years. I'm not sure how good OG Anunoby actually is, but I feel like he's been rumored in every trade involving the Raptors and a star player for years, so I guess that's a good thing? Plus making the All-Defense 2nd team and leading the league in steals as a 25-year-old is something The Garden will definitely love, not to mention Thibs who will cum every time OG and Josh Hart play together.

I'm sorry for the lack of hot takey energy that Stephen A. Smith is probably spitting on ESPN about how he'll never watch a Knicks game again because of this deal. I'm just exhausted from lazing around for the last week and really really bummed that Immanuel Quickley is no longer a Knick, even though the number attached to his next contract will probably make people lose their minds like they did when Brunson signed his. We'll always have that draft grade that got dunked on after every good Quick performance.

The one thing that makes me feel better, at least before I fill my eyeballs with OG highlights until they bleed, is that the Knicks have officially moved on to the next phase of the team. I don't know what will happen next, but I'm happy something happened. RJ was never going to be what the Knicks front office wanted him to be and Quickley was never going to sign a contract that the Knicks front office wanted him to sign. Something had to give and it sucks that Quickley going to Toronto was the thing that gave. But it happened and now we will see what Leon cooks up next, even though he robbed us of what would've been basketball history (as far as I can tell).

As for the pick in the trade, it's a 2nd round pick. But it's Detroit's 2nd round pick, which could easily be essentially the last pick of the first round.

Whatever. The Knicks got a good 3 and D player they have coveted for a while and stopped the civil war between Knicks fans over RJ Barrett, who gets to go back to the land of Terrance and Philip. If moving Quickley before he signed a massive deal was the price of that, I guess we have to live with it.

P.S. That silly son of a bitch Joey Langone doesn't know much, but he does know ball