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There's A New Celebrity Joining Only Fans And It's....Nick Kyrgios?!?

The Guardian- Australian Tennis player Nick Kyrgios has announced he is setting up a free-to-access OnlyFans page as a way to interact with the public in a new way. The 28-year-old, who was the runner-up to Novak Djokovic at Wimbledon in 2022 but was sidelined by injuries for nearly all of this past season, has played in just one official singles match in 2023. London-based OnlyFans is a subscription site where people can pay creators for photos and videos. Kyrgios is one of the most prominent male athletes to join the platform. ‘Took me under his wing’: Nick Kyrgios lauds Andy Murray for mental health support

I bet when ya first read that headline you did NOT expect it to end with tennis superstar Nick Kyrgios, huh?!? In the past the celebrities we've had joining America's favorite ughhh *adult* website has been Iggy Azalea, Carmen Electra, Cardi B, Denise Richards, and so on and so forth. Surely enough you could pick up on a pattern though so nick Kyrgios was not who I was expecting to join next, but I kinda....get it?! Let's call a spade a spade- Kyrgios is a very hot guy. He's polarizing. Ladies love him (male pornstars do have OF, too). He's good at Tennis. He's rich. More power to him!

And at first glance this looks like it'll be some nice wholesome tennis content to enjoy for all the tennis fans out there that will help them get better at tennis! Classic!

Kyrgios said he has learned what his fans want to see over the years.

“Of course, there’ll be tennis balls involved, tips, tricks and behind the scenes, but also they’ll get to see all different sides of me,” he said.

But no, no. He HAD to throw the "tattoos and intimate side" line in there as well. 

“Gaming, tattoos, my intimate side – it’s all on the table and I’ll be bringing fans along for the ride!”

That right there is a big brain move from Mr. Kyrgios. Chess…not checkers. Respect on that one, sir. And speaking of Only Fans be sure to check our newest Man on the Street from Only Stans!!