And This, Kids, Is Why You Wait To Drink After Your Beer League Hockey Game And Not Before

There's a bit of a misconception when it comes to beer league hockey. A lot of people think it's just an excuse to get obliterated while you're playing hockey. But in actuality, you don't want the real drinking to start until after the game is over. Don't get me wrong--if you had a long day, you can absolutely crush a quick pre-game beer while you're getting dressed. But you don't want to be getting buckled beyond repair. Because if you do, you end up looking like ol' Bambi legs over here. 

To buddy's credit, that blue line came out of nowhere. I mean you can't blame the guy for being completely taken off guard by a giant blue line in the middle of the ice there. Took my guy right off his feet and he face planted on the ice like a baby trying to stand up on its own for the first time. Or maybe his edge's were just dull as shit. Maybe he took a quick walk around the parking lot in his skates to take a smoke break between periods. You used to be able to smoke in the comfort of the locker rooms, but America has gone to shit and now you can only smoke outside. How's he supposed to know you can't walk around in skates on concrete sidewalk? 

But at the end of the day, I'm going to assume that aggressive inebriation is in play here. This is the type of shootout attempt that should 1) make you have to buy the team a round of beers every week for the rest of the season, and 2) get your car keys taken away from you. Like I said, you really want to save all the best drinking for after the game. Whether that's in the locker room or at a local bar, that's where the drinks go down the smoothest. You get to talk about the game with the only other 12 people in the world who actually give a shit about how it went, get a little buzz on, and enjoy the night. But if you hit the bottle too hard before the game, well...we all just saw what happens. Makes for a great story, though. 

Sidenote: I don't care if it's an old video. The point remains the same.