Counterpoint: I Blame Lamar For Tripping Over The Ref To Take A Safety


Everyone wants to blame the ref for this 



but that's not fair because this is clearly on Lamar. If you're scrambling back 20 yards into the endzone, that's on you at that point. Never in his wildest dreams did that back judge expect to be face to face with Lamar while Nick Bosa and Chase Young were going in for the kill. But you're in his neighborhood now and you gotta play by his rules and his lack of athleticism and balance. That's just how it goes. It's like when you go into a goalie's crease in hockey- his territory, his rules. Plus, things like this happen all the time. We've seen refs get hit with the ball, pushed out of the way, tramped over, and everything in-between. Lamar has to be more more aware of the back judge and since he wasn't, the safety is on him. 2 points for the Niners, - 2 points for Lamar's awareness in Madden.