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Dumping Them Out: Christmas Spectacular

Welcome to the Dumping Them Out: Christmas Spectacular. Yesterday I broke my year long streak of posting a Dumping Them Out every Sunday. I could pretend that I intentionally waited until today so I could post a "Christmas Spectacular", but in reality I just forgot to do it. Anyways, this Dumping The Out: Christmas Spectacular will be Christmas themed. At least the words will be. I wasn't satisfied with the selection of "Hot Girl Christmas GIF's" that were available to me on the internet. So the GIFs will just be regular, non-festive hot women. I'm going to go back through my extensive Hot Girl GIFs rolodex and pick the best GIFs. Apologies to any girls reading this who didn't make the cut. It's only because I thought the other girls were hotter.

I had about 500 words on my parents problematic Christmas Tree, but it was suggested to me that I make that it's own blog. So instead spending the next 20 minutes writing something creative that nobody will read, my Christmas gift to you is me not doing that, and including more GIFs instead. Merry Christmas.

Speed Ranking all 7 Christmas Movie I've seen

1. The Grinch - The Jim Carrey one. The noses on the Who's always bothered me. They look like idiots. But it's a great movie.

2. Elf - Everyone loves Elf. Will Ferrell was the funniest person on the planet to me when I was a kid. He's fallen off recntly though. He went on the Manningcast for Monday Night Football the other day and it was so awkward. It's like he doesn't know how to have a normal conversation anymore. He stays in character too much for my liking. Everything is a bit 100% of the time. 

3. The Nightmare Before Christmas - I can hardly remember anything about it but I think I liked it pretty well.

4. Love Hard - It's some movie on Netflix that I randomly watched and I thought it was so bad for the first 20 minutes but then I realized they were doing a "satirically bad" thing. It made me laugh a few times.

5.  Best Christmas Ever - It's new on Netflix and I was forced to watch it. It was pretty cheesy and not very good.

6. It's A Wonderful Life - Watched it for the first time last year. It's so fucking weird. Can't believe this is at the top of some people's lists. A movie that old is always going to kind of suck. It's not their fault. You can't ask a movie to hold up for nearly 100 years.

7. Christmas Story - I hate the Christmas Story. It used to play every Christmas at my aunt's house. I've grown to despise it.

Pretty sure that's all the Christmas movies I've seen. I need to see Bad Santa. I'm assuming Bad Santa will skyrocket to the top of my list as soon as I see it.

Alright just need to think of one more Christmas paragraph so I can go back to getting too drunk to play board games with my family.

Oh yeah… so I'm pretty sure I've found myself in a cold war with my future mother-in-law over sports. I made a joke at their family Christmas the other day about how crazy it is to me that they don't have football in TV during . I tthe day. I thought it was a pretty harmless joke. It's not even like I was bothered by it. I can miss a few football games here and there. But I don't think she took my comment that well. Later on that night, we went to their neighbors house and they were watching football. As soon as she saw the Bills game on the TV she said, "Oh my god are we really going to watch sports" I'm pretty sure that comment was directed at me. So now I've made it known that I'd like to watch football. She's made it clear that she is very much anti-sports. And I'm now in a sports/Christmas passive aggressive cold war that will most likely last for the rest of my life.