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Merry Christmas To All Browns Fans And Anyone That Has Amari Cooper On Their Fantasy Team

Let me say this: the fact that the Browns have lost Nick Chubb, Deshaun Watson, Jack Conklin, etc etc etc.....etc etc etc....etc etc etc.....for the year and are now 10-5 with a 99.2% chance of making the playoffs is the true Christmas Miracle. Joe Flacco deserves to be in the same discussions as Jesus Christ does, in my eyes. But that only makes a few million people in Northeast Ohio happy. What's spread out more throughout the globe is the fact that Amari Cooper just single-handedly delivered more gifts than Santa Claus to his fantasy owners:

Franchise record for receiving yards in a game? Check. Most yards in a game this season by a receiver check? Only Browns receiver to go back-to-back 1000 yard seasons? Check. And one fucking SICK catch for the highlight reel? CHECK.

How did we get this man for 5th round pick…..? And for as much hate as players receive during this time of the year for poor performances, I expect Coop's mailbox to be overflowing with Thank You cards when the post resumes on Tuesday. This man just showed up in Fantasy Football Semifinal Weekend and willed any owner that started him to victory. That's what, 50 points in a PPR league? And don't tell me that there's not some kid out there in Cleveland that hopped on his Dad's daily fantasy account and paired him with Joe Flacco in their lineup. Someone in Northeast Ohio had to have won a million dollars today:

I'm sitting here at my family's Christmas Eve (still blogging for the 3rd time today as a part-time employee) and the discussion is: is Joe Flacco the answer? Ummmmm, FUCK YES HE IS? Are you all blind, or what? The question is not if Joe Flacco can take this team to the Super Bowl (4 Christmas Ales deep), the question is how the fuck was he still available? I've watched this man for a month and I can tell you that he's hands down better than at least 10 starting QBs in the league, yet he was sitting at home. Sometimes I think that I should hang up the chalk from the classroom and blogging fingers on the keyboard and should become an NFL GM. 

Anyways, can you pop champagne when you're 99.2% in? I say Yes. I want to get that celebration over with and start talking PLAYOFF MATCHUPS. I just overnighted myself a 49ers jersey (McCaffery of course) for tomorrow's big matchup vs the Ravens. And I'll say this: the Ravens better not as much as blink. That is a MUST WIN game for Baltimore tomorrow. Because the Browns are coming. Lock up that AFC North while you can, because I'd hate to see the Ravens have to win out vs the Dolphins and Steelers when the Browns get to face……the Jets and Bengals, lol.

What a great Christmas this is. I'm going to go get another Christmas Ale before I start scouring the internet to find our kicker for Thursday. Me personally, I think the Browns have to bring back Phil Dawson for show on Thursday. Let Hopkins rest since we're essentially in, give the fans a nice treat, and then bring the big dog back for the playoff run.