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The Yak Christmas Special Aired And We Had Two All-Time Pranks

The Yak Christmas special aired today. It was taped a week and a half ago and started off with a surprise: the return of Kate! And she came bearing an awesome gift. She had collaborated with Nicky Smokes to do a trick on The Yak, but reversed it on him. It was so damn funny.

This photo is incredible

That opened the show. But to close it, we had told Jersey Jerry, who was filming Jerry After Dark, that we'd stop by and say hi. But he didn't think we'd just come wave to the camera, did he? We had just had a lot of fun with mousetraps.

So we figured it'd be the perfect addition to his stream.

Watching it back minutes later was one of the best parts of the night!

Catch the full show (link at top of blog) and happy holidays from The Yak!