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Keleigh Teller Is The One Who Bought Taylor Swift Her Gorgeous Birthday Ring, "To all the Media Outlets and Melissa at Deux Moi, here you go!"

HERE WE HAVE IT!!! Keleigh Teller, Miles Teller's wife and close personal friend to Taylor Swift, was the one who gifted Taylor this gorgeous ring for her birthday. She was sick of hearing everyone talk about "its from Travis!!! it's an engagement ring!!!" and while calling out Deux Moi directly, she abolished all of these rumors. IT WAS HER!

I think this is incredibly sweet. Keleigh seems to be an excellent friend to Taylor and like us, she was a huge fan before she was her friend. DREAMS REALLY DO COME TRUE! We also remember that her husband Miles was in Taylor's "I Bet You Think About Me" music video, one of my favorite videos of all time. Here is one of the best pictures of Taylor and Keleigh on the set of that video:

We love besties that spoil besties!!! Everyone else can STFU thinking this ring had anything to do with Travis or an "engagement." Girls give better jewelry, anyway.