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There's No Stopping Tyreek Hill as He Reportedly Fathered His 3rd Child in a Span of 4 Months

Patrick Smith. Getty Images.

There's no further evidence necessary to prove the NFL is a quarterback-driven league than the MVP odds. Despite some record breaking performances at other positions, eight of the Top 10 names on the Vegas list are quarterbacks. The only exceptions being Christian McCaffery and Tyreek Hill. 

But if you're tracking the much more important and hotly contested race for Most Valuable Penis, it's no contest. It's Hill's, by unanimous consent:

Source - Miami Dolphins superstar Tyreek Hill fathered kids with three different women in the space of four months – and now one baby mama is rushing to his defense. revealed last week that the recently-married wide receiver is on the receiving end of paternity suits from two former flames who claim that children born in February and May 2023 are his.

Now, a third ex tells us that Hill, 29, is also the dad of her adorable little boy, Tyreek D'Shaun Hill Jr, who was born between those two on March 12.

Camille Valmon, 33, is taking an offensive line against the speedy MVP candidate's haters, however – dismissing interest in his recent baby blitz as 'gossip'. 

'I can't speak on anything else that he has going on outside of our parenting relationship because it's simply none of my business,' she told

'But what I will say is he is a great father not only to our son but to all of his children." …

Hill … is not on such good terms with Brittany Lackner and Kimberly Baker, who are both chasing him for paternity and child support in Broward County, Florida.

Lackner blasted Hill for offering her $2,500-a-month … as a 'woefully inadequate' sum for an NFL player on a $30 million annual salary.

Baker accuses the buccaneering All-Pro – who last month married his longtime fiancée Keeta Vaccaro, 27 – of demonstrating 'utter and abject unconcern' for their now-six-month-old baby girl, Trae.

Hill … already has three children with former fiancée Crystal Espinal, 28, although gossip sites have speculated that he has more.

I say again, it's a quarterback league. But there's not a player in football who can hold a flickering candle to Hill's production, on and off the field. 

These ladies have discovered what defensive coordinators have known for eight years and counting: That there's no way to keep this man from scoring. Whether he's running up the seam or a Fallopian tube, crossing a goal line or penetrating an Ovum wall, you can't hope to keep him contained for long. Mike McDaniel might be lining him more outside than at any time in his career, but no one can dominate in the slot like he can. Cornerbacks, safeties, press man, zones, contraceptives, Plan Bs, it doesn't matter. They're all equally ineffective against this man's physical prowess. 

I mean, it speaks volumes that not only did Hill bring three children into the world in less time than is covered by your quarterly electric bill, we don't even know how many kids this makes for him. That's how hard it is to keep up with his stats. He can produce little human beings faster than the rest of us can count. And the fact that he didn't let a little thing like getting married slow him down any more than double coverage ever did just demonstrates how determined he is to be the best in the game. 

Whether this puts Hill on pace to be the best ever, that's a tough question. It'll take more than this to pass the GOAT of insemination, Antonio "The Father of Our Country" Cromartie:

But if Hill can manage to keep up this torrid pace and continue to dedicate himself to unprotected sex with fertile women of child-bearing age, the sky's the limit. Some guys simply hate birth control more than they love to keep their money.