Credit Where It's Due - Diletta Leotta Finally Upgraded And Realized White Christmas Trees Are The Single Worst Decoration Out There

That is the picture that caused me to write this blog nearly 2 years to the day: 

I stand by it. White Christmas trees - or any non-green Christmas tree - is the trashiest decoration out there. I despise them, which made me happy to listen to this week's draft: 

Now I'm a real tree guy. If you wanna go fake tree, go ahead. Just not for me, I prefer going to the tree farm, picking one out and having it loaded up. I'm not out there chopping one down, come on, let's not get crazy. But the fact is I can look past the disgusting sap on my hands and frustration of trying to drive home with the fear of the tree flying off the hood of the SUV. 

That said, we're here to applaud Diletta Leotta. Here I was doing research to find a blog and stumbled upon this: 

THERE WE GO. I see green, that's an upgrade. Still far too much white decorations, but we can look past that. In fact we don't even have to look at it. But she finally realized a tree is supposed to be green, something you just can't argue against. Go ahead and argue real vs fake. Go ahead and argue multi-colored lights vs white lights. I don't care, decorate your tree however you want, I don't have to see it. I'm a multi-colored light, real tree guy. But Diletta finally realized her biggest weakness. A white Christmas tree. That's why we blog. That's why we do research.