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The Lakers Really Hung Their In-Season Tournament Banner Next To All Their Championship Banners




This is truly stunning. When Hubbs told me last week the Lakers were going to hang a banner, I laughed in his face. I said sure they'll hang a banner, but it'll be in the hallway, like a nice little trophy case banner where fans can stop and see it on their way back from the bathroom. Boy oh boy how wrong I was. The Lakers actually hung that sumbitch right next to the championship banners. I can't believe it. I mean we joke about the Colts banner, 



but this one might….might be worse? We're talking about an in-season tournament where the games still counted as the regular season, but winning the championship got the players a $500k bonus. It was like, one extra game check for Anthony Davis. And they just hung a banner for it. Might as well have written "Able To Buy Kids Christmas Presents" on it, that would be less embarrassing.



So now LeBron has his COVID banner and his In-Season Tournament banner. I'm not a Bron hater, but that's funny right there. I don't care who you are, that's funny.