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Aaron Rodgers Reportedly To Be Medically Cleared To Play Next Week

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SOURCE - After recently being cleared to practice, New York Jets quarterback Aaron Rodgers is likely to be medically cleared to play this week upcoming, league sources told ESPN.

But being medically cleared doesn't necessarily mean that Rodgers automatically will take the field on Christmas Eve against the Washington Commanders.

Rodgers and the Jets organization still need to get together to discuss if returning next Sunday is the next step they want to take. Much could depend on the outcome of the Jets' Week 15 game Sunday in Miami against the Miami Dolphins and if New York still has any chance -- even infinitesimal -- of making the postseason.

Sigh. Aaron Rodgers should just be focused on getting better for 2024. None of this helps the Jets. 

Worst Case Scenario: Rodgers re-injures the Achilles or just hurts something else and next year is put into question. At that point, every Jets fan I know (including myself) just starts hoping for hundreds of giant meteors to crash into the Earth ending this misery once and for all.

Best Case Scenario: Rodgers comes back and is awesome…which would hurt our upcoming draft pick.

Neither scenario ends with the Jets making the playoffs because the Jets have no realistic chance of making the playoffs. No one is even showing them in the In The Hunt graphic. You know why? Because the Jets aren't In The Hunt. The Jets organization seems to have a hard time comprehending this. The team is 5-8 and has had a shitty season. That's the reality.

It's not a good thing when the fans have a better grasp on reality than the people running the team. The fans are supposed to be unrealistic and wildly hopeful. That's out job. It's the people who run the team that is supposed to have sensible expectations and put the team in the best possible situation not only for this season but for the future. It's responsible stewardship. 

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But Joe Douglas and Robert Saleh don't run the Jets. Aaron Rodgers does. That's why Nathaniel Hackett is employed in the NFL. It's also what we all knew we were getting when Rodgers came to the Jets. Don't get me wrong. I love Rodgers. I WANT to see him play. I hate how these games are a depressing slog. But I also understand the situation. Rodgers getting the Jets to 7-9 does nothing other than make it even more obvious of what could have been.

SOURCE - Rodgers has acknowledged that he won't be 100 percent until after the season but has said he'd be willing to play if the Jets are in the playoff race. The four-time MVP has also said it wouldn't "make a ton of sense" to return if the Jets (5-8) are mathematically eliminated. 

I don't want Rodgers anywhere near this horrific offensive line even if he was 100%. I know he says it wouldn't make sense to come back but I don't believe him. Aaron Rodgers LOVES attention.

The Jets have a primetime game left on Thursday December 28th against the Browns. You think he'd miss that?