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The Roll Up Roll Up Roll Up Challenge Was An Overwhelming Success

Big Cat landed on the Roll Up Roll Up Roll Up challenge on Wednesday. Unfortunately, there was the Surviving Barstool set, so we couldn't do it, so we delayed it to a day of Big Cat's choosing. The premise is what you'd expect: Call a friend to roll up to the office. If they cannot do so within 15 minutes, you can do a combination of rolling up and down the court and eating fruit roll ups. The sum the two must equal 100. 

The wheel chose Mook to participate and he was READY.

And when he made it in, he lived up to the hype.

But Mook was strapped with roll ups and also had a backup guy that ended up coming thru too.

The original roll up, Brett even almost set a Yak Challenge record:

It was a blast with our new friends. Watch the full show here: