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Shockingly Awkward Airman Puts On The Worst Display of Basketball That You'll Ever See By Missing Layups By A Mile And Dribbling Like A Toddler

I hate writing this because I only wanna bring to light the good things that military members are doing in the world, but I can't let this slide by. 

I'm shocked at how poorly this went. The first shot is the worst layup I've ever seen. How do you miss THAT badly? How? That bitch was in the second row and then it was downhill from there. From the first dribble, it was obvious that we were in for an abomination. He was hunched over like that longtime stoolie from China (great news. He's getting better.)

But, like mold in the barracks, maternity leave policies, child care, access to quick medical appointments, and the recruiting crisis, this is a failure of leadership. No leader worth their salt should send this dude out there. You gotta check to see if your people can dribble. That's the baseline. People understand when you miss a shot because a lot of people would be nervous shooting in front of a whole stadium of people, but the leadership has to observe that you have the very basics down. Otherwise, you end up with this video floating around and that's how China wins.