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NO MORE HARVARD GRADS!!! Ryan Fitzpatrick Somehow Blamed The Chargers 63-21 Loss On Herbert (Herbert Did Not Play)

I'm working on finding the actual clip, but the gist of what Fitz said postgame is this.

Why isn't Justin Herbert being more of a vocal leader to help prevent this type of thing from happening? 

What in the actual fuck are you talking about you absolute bozo? How can you watch a game like this, where defensive guru Brandon Staley's defense gets embarrassed yet again and Herbert's supporting cast gets exposed as being total trash, and find a way to shift blame onto Justin Herbert? The man did not fucking play! What do you want him to do??? He can't call plays, he can't get Staley fired, he can't help on defense and the man is on the fucking IR?? 

Maybe it's some sort of vendetta since Herbert handed him the last loss of his career (it's not). 

Or maybe it's just stupid sportscaster brain or maybe all Harvard involved people have lost their collective minds. I don't care what it is but I don't appreciate my beautiful prince catching strays for something he had nothing to do with.