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Whoever Allowed Joel Embiid Eat The Hottest Chip In The World Should Be Fired From Their Job And Possibly Into The Sun


Funny, for sure. JoJo will make anything entertaining. But the fact the reigning MVP of the league was allowed and/or encouraged to do the #OneChipChallenge means somebody fucked up. Bad. Do people not know what this chip does to a normal human? It eats your body and soul it from the inside out. The acids in your stomach are no match for this abomination to mankind. Once consumed it's only a matter of time before your insides turn into a furnace hotter than hell itself. The death chip is like the VX poison gas from The Rock in the sense that Stanley Goodspeed would say it's one of those things we wish we could disinvent. 

Thank God that Joel Embiid isn't built like a normal human and survived with minimal damage. This killer chip has taken down far, far lesser men. Take Tommy Smokes, an extremely weaker male, who consumed the chip and ended up naked in the work bathroom stall while having covulsions for an hour. Seriously. 

It also brings the strongest of the male species to its knees, as well. 

So, yeah. Fire whoever allowed Joel Embiid to eat this chip from their job and possibly into the sun. You can't be putting up certified MVP stats like this in the last 9 games and be forced to take what could essentially be a Cyanide Chip. 

Now do me a favor and ever give a MVP anything that may hurt them ever again…and then CUE IT!