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We've Been Duped: Rubi Rose's Top OnlyFans Spender Who Spent $60k In A Month And Got Her Tattoo'd On Himself Says It Was All A Hoax

So I wrote this blog on Rubi Rose's top OnlyFans spender who spent $60,000 in a single month after meeting her:

Things turned a little weird after that blog, with him getting a tattoo of Rubi herself and a slew of messages that went viral for being quite creepy:

Spending $63,000 to be put in someone's phone as "Weird OF Fan" along with her exposing every single message you've sent including checks notes offering $400,000 in Bitcoin for a single response, wanting to be her "sissy maid", and calling her your kitten is maybe the worst beat I've ever seen. There's just no recovering from it. 

But that leads us to the latest update, where he went on Adam22's No Jumper and claimed it was all a hoax. I'm no Pythagoras, but the math isn't mathing here. He basically says he was hired to be an OnlyFans scapegoat for Rubi, and the account is real, but it wasn't him? But still got the tattoo on his leg? What happened to shame? What happened to humanity?

There's a larger discussion here about the lengths people will go to in an attempt to market their OnlyFans. You'll find them under the replies of an obituary tweet. At what point is it too much? The answer is apparently never. I even received this Twitter DM after my first blog from another capital M Model who wants in on the $60,000 gold rush: 

Tempting offer that I had to respectfully decline (ghost). Listen, there's only one guy that can give us the clarity we need on this entire situation. I don't even know what to believe anymore. If only we had the #1 OnlyFans podcast on the Internet and could get to the bottom of this. If we don't get a full OnlyStans episode from Insepctor Glenneth Balls with both Rubi and this unnamed fella on to solve this mystery then what are we even doing. Give us clarity Glenny!

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