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Shoutout To The Grand Theft Auto 6 Trailer For Using Unknown Indie Artist "Tom Petty" And Skyrocketing His Spotify Streaming 36,979%

Destructoid - According to data sent to the BBC by Spotify, the recent GTA 6 reveal has seen interest in the late rock musician Tom Petty soar, thanks to his song “Love Is A Long Road” being featured in the teaser. Streams for the track – first released in 1989 – have increased by 36,979%.

The new GTA 6 trailer was an elite teaser for the Florida themed crime RPG featuring bikinis, gators, and tatted meth heads that has now racked up 145 million views on Youtube, but more importantly it's giving new life to your Dad's favorite rocker, Tom Petty. There were so many ways Rockstar games could have gone doing the music for the trailer, I feel like the obvious / easy move would have been going the hip-hop route with someone like Miami native, Mr. Worldwide a.k.a. Pitbull, mainly because he's released songs in the last few years that kids would recognize. Familiarity is comfortable and easy. Instead, Rockstar games went with the King of Gainesville, Florida, Tom Petty, and smashed an out of the park home run. Everyone loves Petty. You can't go wrong if you're handed the AUX chord and you play his music. 

It makes me feel old as hell, but proud, that kids blogging / tweeting about the GTA6 trailer are saying they weren't familiar with Tom Petty's music, but now they are, and he fucking rocks. 

It was a sad day when music lost Tom Petty back in October of 2017, but I'll never forget the following football Saturday at The Swamp when Gator fans paid tribute to the Gainesville rock legend with 90,000 people singing along to Won't Back Down. Instant goosebumps listening to the video. Now the Gators have made this their Enter Sandman as a reoccurring tradition to keep the memory of Petty alive. 

The top 5 best Tom Petty / Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers songs are … 

5. Breakdown - Not Petty's best song lyrically, but damn is the guitar gets me going. 

4. Won't Backdown - Tom Petty's version of a pump up song, gets me ready to run through a wall. 

3. You Don't Know How It Feels - I'm a sucker for a depressing song, and this song is oozing with sadness.

2. American Girl - I believe Bob Dylan and The Rolling Stones fucked and this is the song that was created.

1. Mary Jane's Last Dance - Nothing gets my Hoosier blood pumping to my dick quicker than Petty saying, "she grew up tall and she grew up right with them Indiana boys on them Indiana nights."

While some corners of the internet are discovering Tom Petty, there are some corners of the internet where we are discovering nothing new … horniness is king. The most replayed scene in the GTA6 trailer is the girl on the balcony. BUT NOT BECAUSE SHE HAS A ROCKIN' BOD WITH HUGE NATURALS, it's to figure out the mystery of the characters in game play … obviously. If I don't make this chick the thumbnail to the blog, I'm a complete and total idiot.