Someone Made A Trailer For Back To The Future 4 With Tom Holland Joining The Original Cast And It's Pretty Goddamn Good

Screen Rant- A fan-made Back to the Future 4 trailer brings back the original stars and casts Tom Holland in a new role.

The trailer edit brings back the original stars Michael J. Fox and Christopher Lloyd as Marty McFly and Doc Brown, using footage from a LEGO Dimensions promo and the Netflix film See You Yesterday. The fan-made trailer also casts Tom Holland as Jake McFly, who is seemingly the son of Marty and Jennifer (Elizabeth Shue). The video description also contains a convincing fake synopsis for Back to the Future 4:

In "Back to the Future 4" Tom Holland takes on the role of a brilliant young inventor, Jake McFly, who stumbles upon Doc Brown's long-lost journal. The journal contains secrets to enhance time travel capabilities, opening up new possibilities and unforeseen consequences. As Jake navigates through various timelines, he encounters both familiar faces and new challenges, all while trying to prevent a mysterious adversary from rewriting history.


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Okay, maybe Great Scott is a little strong for a trailer that didn't really show all that much but it just felt so right to throw that gif there. Besides, straight up making a movie trailer out of the scraps of a bunch of other content and some editing software my idiot brain wouldn't be able to even open is pretty fucking impressive, as is absolutely nailing Tom Holland being cast as the latest branch growing from the McFly family tree since he has the look and likability of a young Michael J. Fox. 

Not only that, but it also shows the Back To The Future creators that people would be interested in watching another sequel considering the trailer has racked up a cool 1.8 MILLION views in two days. Absolutely stupid numbers considering out of the loop Olds like myself that would go to the theater opening night to see this movie just found about the trailer 48 hours after it dropped. 

I don't think it'll get Robert Zemeckis back to the DeLorean director chair, but it sure as shit can't hurt. I know movies made decades after the latest sequel almost always suck, but I've always had a bad taste in my mouth after seeing BTTF 3 since I wasn't a fan of it being a Western along with this little bastard creeping me out.

The other takeaway I have after watching that trailer is how much it hurts that we sit almost 10 years removed from 2015, which is the future year setting, in Back To The Future II, and we still don't have any of the really cool shit that made that movie rule. Flying cars. Automatic dog walkers. Hoverboards (don't you DARE say that the toys with wheels that don't hover are hoverboards). Everything seemed so possible back in the day while watching that movie and big brain inventors let humanity down. At least there are a million hidden Easter eggs in the movies from the butterfly effect flapping its wings in plain sight that still blow my mind all these years later.

P.S. I loved seeing Elisabeth Shue in the trailer since she was a crush of mine in the past as well as the present when she was in The Boys.