Cutlets Forever: Tommy DeVito's Dad And Agent Are The Stars The Giants Have Dreamed About For A Decade

Cutlets forever! I mean look, both Clem and I have said it before as Giants/Knicks fans, we're seeing a Linsanity-esque run here by Tommy. 

But we're getting more than just Tommy Wheels on the field. We're seeing his dad take over as the guy who will single-handedly bring the Giants back to greatness. That was until his agent showed up

I'm choosing to do zero research here. I don't want to know anything that's considered facts about this guy. I choose to believe he's Tommy's pal from high school who was the schemer and one day made a deal on a napkin that he'd be Tommy's agent if he ever made the NFL. That's how we got to this point. It's the only way I know and the only thing I want to believe in. 

This is everything I wanted out of this game. Hilariously stupid plays. Tommy DeVito making plays with his legs. Good things happening with Wan'Dale Robinson and of course the DeVito family taking center stage. Let's go win a goddamn game and be in the hunt for the playoffs. What a duo.