Harvard President Claudine Gay, Last Seen Being Pro-Jewish Genocide in Front of Congress, Apparently Plagiarized Her Entire Ph.D Thesis

Boston Globe. Getty Images.

Turns out Harvard's president Claudine Gay copies her ideas from more sources than just Hitler. According to reporters Christopher Rufo and Christopher Brunet, Gay's Ph.D thesis contains work published by other authors throughout its entirety, in some cases lifting entire passages verbatim, without any of the sourcing or quotation usage that Harvard's policies require — I myself did not attend Harvard so somebody fact check me but I believe this is what is referred to colloquially as "plagiarism." Something colleges and universities take kind of seriously, at least historically.

Gay began her Harvard tenure with lavish praise and glowing profiles for being the first black woman to lead the university — she has struggled to find success in anything aside from her sex and skin color since then. She was effectively canceled for bullying her colleagues, she has overseen the revoked scholarships and dismissals of countless students and professors as well as the cancellation or disruption of visiting speakers, and, no doubt the most impressive accomplishment: she has guided Harvard to the worst ever score in FIRE's Free Speech Rankings, earning a -10.69 —  good for #248 of 248, the only school to classify as "abysmal" in free speech protection. (Penn was #247).

That last bit is what made it especially repulsive when she sat in front of Congrees and refused to condemn the genocide of the Jewish people due to “protecting free speech”.  

Fun fact: Harvard's Title IX under Claudine Gay says using the wrong pronouns qualifies as abuse and is banned.

"Cisheterosexism" and "Fatphobia" qualify as abuse and are banned

Calling for the genocide of Jews? "It depends on the context."  

Literally the first time Claudine Gay stood for free speech in her entire tenure as president of Harvard was to protect those calling for the annihilation of Jews. 

Which was not the least bit shocking, by the way. Every Jew knows exactly how these people feel, the progressive elites in academia and the poisonous ideology they teach. It wasn't shocking when they responded to 1,200 unarmed Jewish civilians being slaughtered with celebration parades where Jews on campus were spat on, verbally accosted, and, in at least one viral video, physically assaulted, while chants of "The only solution is Intifada Revolution" (violence against Israel) and "Globalize the Intifada" (extend the hatred of Israel to the hatred of Jews everywhere they exist) rang out. It wasn't shocking when 34 Harvard student groups signed and publicly declared the statement "We hold Israel responsible for this violence." 

(A reminder of the violence they are referring to:)

Among Hamas’s crimes of 10/7: little children and babies murdered, some burned to death; children forced to watch parents chased, beaten and shot. Old couples murdered in their homes; families who’d taken refuge in safe rooms burned out and killed. Hamas attempted to behead a kibbutz worker, and killed old women standing at a bus stop. Women were abused—raped, it seemed certain…

…It was grim and dreadful, but it was also systematic and deliberate. And since there’s going to be a lot of 10/7 trutherism—there already is—we have to be clear about what happened.

In the days after the attack, chaos reigned in the attack areas. At least 1,200 people had been murdered, their bodies scattered through kibbutzim and on the site of the Nova music festival. The crime scene was huge…The testimony of witnesses, body collectors and morgue workers came in unevenly. It has built and is becoming comprehensive.

A stunning report appeared last weekend in London’s Sunday Times, by reporter Christina Lamb…A police commander told Ms. Lamb, “It’s clear now that sexual crimes were part of the planning, and the purpose was to terrify and humiliate people.” 

Ms. Lamb quotes Yoni Saadon, 39, a father of four and shift manager in a foundry who was at the music festival. He said he hid as a young woman was raped, and saw Hamas fighters capture another young woman near a car. “She was fighting back, not allowing them to strip her. They threw her to the ground and one of the terrorists took a shovel and beheaded her.”

…those who volunteered to collect bodies started reporting that many of the women were naked and bleeding from the genitals. The commander of a unit of a volunteer religious organization that collected the remains of the dead told Ms. Lamb they collected 1,000 bodies in 10 days from the festival site and the kibbutzim. “No one saw more than us. . . . It seemed their mission was to rape as many as possible.”

Israel Defense Forces sources told the paper that Hamas fighters caught in Gaza reported in police interrogations that they had been instructed by superiors to “dirty” and “whore” the women. 

(Wall Street Journal)

This is what Harvard students released their statement to support and paraded to celebrate. Not a peep from Claudine Gay. Apparently this was one of the contexts she mentioned, where calling for dead Jews is permissible. So long as they don't call the Jews they are exterminating fat. Or privilege their cisgender identity and binary sex assignment. Aside from that though: genocide away.

All of this is why her and her buddies' comments (or lack thereof) weren't surprising. And why it wasn't even shocking that they felt so comfortable displaying this in such a public setting. Why wouldn't they? They live in the bubbles of academia where the enforced ideology sees the Jews as privileged, colonizing oppressors because their skin is often lighter. The people who have spent the entirety of history being persecuted, exiled, and murdered en masse, who make up around 0.2% of the world population, don't qualify as a minority deserving of protection. 60% of religious hate crimes in America are against Jews. Antisemitic attacks have risen so drastically the mainstream media was forced to briefly acknowledge it once. America's own leaders like Ilhan Omar and Rashida Tlaib march under signs and tweet "from the River to the Sea" (a call for Palestinians to claim all of the land of Israel — what do you think happens to the millions of Jews who live there in this scenario? Where do they go to make this possible?) 

That's the environment Claudine Gay and her fellow presidents of the country's most prestigious universities felt comfortable shrugging off and refusing to condemn Jewish genocide. They faced backlash for it and I guarantee they were surprised by this and unprepared on how to handle it. It had never crossed their minds that it was not completely acceptable to shrug off a Jewish genocide.

Now, we can see why Ms. Gay may all of a sudden be so protective of the speech of others: she needs to copy and paste it for a doctorate.

The apparent plagiarism scandal is another disaster for the Ivies that, like the Wall Street Journal wrote this morning, shows the mask falling away from who they really are and what they stand for. That they have been hammering anti-Western (and anti-American specifically) sentiment increasingly since the '60s was no secret whatsoever — it's become just an accepted fact that America's intellectuals fucking despise their country. But watching Gay and her two colleagues sit in front of Congress and refuse to condemn the genocide of a people made it impossible to ignore just how deep the moral rot is at these places. The places where, it should be noted, all of America's leaders come from. (I mean "all" almost literally: look up how many high ranking members of the White House are Ivy grads.) (Do the media next, time permitting. )

Above all it confirms the longstanding pattern that those who moralize the loudest and most forcefully are almost always the ones who are the most morally bankrupt, and always-always the most hypocritical. Just like you could bet your life's savings on the most vehement opponent of homosexuality showing up in the news arrested for soliciting a male prostitute at a gay club — you can guarantee that those most concerned with "equity" and "diversity" and "inclusion" at all costs are the ones who will make some more equal than others, force conformity through suppressing free speech and punishing dissidents, and exclude certain minority groups that aren't worthy.

And if they aren't worthy, genocide 'em. If the context is right for mass extermination.