Smokey Robinson Delivers The Best "Hanukkah" Pronunciation The World Has Ever Seen

Sometimes it is the simple things that give us a little chuckle and this is one of those times. I think anyone who is being honest with themselves can conclude that we don't know how to pronounce complicated words that look like anything other than standard oatmeal-type English. Hell, it's the reason I don't read Fantasy books like Game of Thrones. It's the reason Tua goes by Tua. It's the reason why lots of call centers have people named Cody who don't sound like Codys. My mind is too slow to adapt to different linguistic roots. Ain't no way I'm getting those names right or even remembering who is who. Plus, I didn't see that spelling of Chanuah until I was in my 30s. Maybe I did but I don't remember it. 

When that happens, you end up with this video and it's very unfair to my good friend Smokey. He's as nice as they come. I got to meet him when I went to President Obama's inauguration. I was there because I won an award and he was there because he's a fuckin legend with a smooth voice. He told me, "Hey young man. Good to meet you tonight. Have a great time the rest of the night. And by the way, you have a little cheesecake on your chest."

I did have cheesecake on my chest. Thanks, Smokey!

Maybe pronouncing things incorrectly is just what legends do.